Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lingering Thoughts on Ice and Snow

I know the weather is more spring-like now, but there are some enduring lessons we should have learned from the ice and snow of the winter of 2014. I learned one from the pine trees. As we travelled south on I-75 above Macon, I noticed that many of the trees along the interstate were broken off or completely uprooted from the weight of the ice and snow. I thought how sad that these young growth pines had seen their demise so early in life. They would not come back. Their circumstances had done them in.

Then I realized that the trees that were not by the road were standing tall and straight and wondered how that could be. As I looked more closely, I saw s few branches that had been stripped away, but the trees were mostly intact. I then realized that they had other trees around them to support them and prevent them from falling. Every tree out there was subjected to the same ice and snow storm, but as long as each supported the others, the damage was minimal.

 We need each other. We need the support that comes from being together even if we are all experienceing the same adversity. God did not intend us to be alone. No one can stand alone if the going gets too difficult. But when we have the support of of others, the outcome is so remarkably different. Unlike the pine trees, we don’t need each other just in the icy cold of winter. We need each other all the time. I hope I can remember the lesson of the pines even when the winter is long gone. It is an enduring truth.

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